POLARstar Omega

Multi-mode Omega plate reader including fluorescence polarization

The POLARstar® Omega is the fully-equipped Omega-series microplate reader, offering all the features of a FLUOstar Omega, and in addition fluorescence polarization. Equipped with BMG LABTECH’s ultra-fast UV/vis spectrometer and Simultaneous Dual Emission detection, the POLARstar Omega represents a great combination of performance and flexibility for life science applications.

Technical Specification

Detection modes

Fluorescence intensity – including FRET

Fluorescence polarization/Anisotropy


Luminescence (fl ash and glow) – including BRET

Time-Resolved Fluorescence – including TR-FRET

UV/vis absorbance
Measurement modes

Top and bottom reading

Endpoint and kinetic measurements

Sequential multi-excitation measurements

Sequential multi-emission measurements

Ratiometric measurements

Well scanningWell scanning
Microplate formats
Up to 384-well plates, 1536-well plates in absorbance, user-defi nable
Two low-noise photomultiplier tubes, CCD spectrometer
Optical filters
Excitation and emission fi lter wheels for 8 fi lters each
Spectral range

240 – 740 nm or 240 – 900 nm

Absorbance spectrometer: 220 – 1000 nm
Read times
Flying mode: 9 s (96), 16 s (384)
Linear, orbital, and double-orbital with user-defi nable time and speed
+4°C above ambient up to 45°C or 65°C