SPECTROstar Nano

Absorbance plate reader with cuvette port​

BMG LABTECH’s innovative absorbance microplate reader has the flexibility to perform assays quickly and easily in both microplates or via the built-in cuvette port. This spectrometer-based absorbance microplate reader captures a full UV/visible spectrum in less than 1 sec/well. Its speed, simple push button operation, and capacity to store individual assay protocols make the SPECTROstar® Nano the leading microplate reader for absorbance measurements.

Technical Specification

Detection modes
Detection modes UV/vis absorbance spectra
Measurement modes
Endpoint and kinetic Spectral scanning (absorbance) Well scanning
Microplate formats
6 to 1536-well plates, user-definable LVis Plate with 16 low-volume microspots (2 μL)
Detectors CCD spectrometer
Wavelength selection
UV/vis absorbance spectrometer Full spectra or 8 discrete wavelengths in < 1 sec / well
Spectral range
220 – 1000 nm
Read times
Full spectrum from 220 to 1000 nm in less than 1 sec/well
Linear, orbital, and double-orbital with user-definable time and speed
+3°C above ambient up to 45 °C The upper heating plate of the incubation chamber operates at 0.5 °C more than the lower plate. This prevents condensation build-up on the lid or sealer.