UV Transilluminator

MUV series

The bench-top UV Transilluminator series offers the researcher uniform and intense sources of ultraviolet light (radiation) with a compact footprint. Their special design emits either one or dual intensity excitation UV wavelengths for back-illumination of transparent fluorescence materials.254nm,312(302)nm,365nm,254 & 365 nm and 254 & 312 (302)nm modes are available for different applications. There are two choices of filter size viewing dimentions,260*210 mm and  210x210mm for different user requirements. The 365nm mode is offered for easy view of gels under long wave for extended periods of time avoiding photo nicking damage. The 254nnm mode is used to irradiate samples. The 312 (302)nm mode is suggested for general gel operating.

The single wavelength modes have a high intensity / low intensity switch equipped. All bench-top transilluminator modes are compact, lightweight and economical.

A high performance model, 312 (302)nm UV Transilluminator with a strong lighting and longer life time tubes, was introduced for demanding requirements.


  • 254nm or 312 (302)nm or 365nm or 254/365nm or 254/312 (302)nm modes available
  • 260x210mm or 210x210mm view dimension
  • High intensity / low intensity switch for single wavelength model
  • High performance models available
  • Adjustable UV protection cover for better viewing angle efficiency
  • Long life time filter