SmartView Pro Imager


MS UVCI-2300, the truly standalone Gel Imaging System, delivers incredible image and sharpness with the power of an exceptional close-up monochrome 2.0 mega-pixel CCD camera, and get you

ready for beautifully discriminable DNA/Protein gel images in the spaciously intuitive 10.4” interface with color touch-screen. Our innovative systems are expandable with white and blue light plates

coupled with the versatility of camera filters, no matter it’s an EtBr or EtBr-free operations, simply tab to view. Many post-imaging features like drawer-type platform and UV protection shield are added to your convenience for gel excision.


  • Standalone gel doc system with high-quality monochrome CCD
  • Exchangeable emission Filters provide for instant visualization
  • Intuitive 10.4” interface with color touch-screen
  • Zoom-able lens for proper picture size
  • Movable platform for gel excision with UV-protection shield
  • Automatic UV shut off mechanism
  • Optional trans white light and blue light plates