SmartView Pro Imager,CCD

SmartView Pro Imager,CMOS

UVCI-1100 series

The SmartView Pro 1100 provides the basic feature and standard operation. All important features such as safety UV door, UV safety-cutoff switch function, 1D analysis software and are included as standard.1D analysis software can be used for DNA/RNA gels and SDS page images observation and capture. Moreover, it can be used as an image analysis software for DNA/RNA gels and dot blotting. Blue light module, white light plate and optical and amber filters are available for a variety of applications. Enjoy the most compact CMOS imaging system for all of your laboratory work.


  • High resolution 5.0 megapixel monochrome camera (UVCI-1100)
  • PC integration with real time image
  • Capture/Analysis software included
  • Pull out UV Transilluminator for easy gel cutting
  • Easy installation, ready to use right out of the box
  • One touch image capture
  • Variety of optional accessories available
  • UV safety cut-off switch when door is open
  • CE and FCC certification