CLARIOstar Plus

High performance Microplate Reader with Enhanced Dynamic Range

The CLARIOstar Plus is a multi-mode microplate reader with advanced LVF Monochromators™, highly sensitive filters, and an ultra-fast UV/vis spectrometer. The Enhanced Dynamic Range and automatic focus technologies make manual settings superfluous and detection optimization easier than ever. CLARIOstar is a high-performance microplate reader that fits the current and future needs of your laboratory, whether in academia, a core facility, biotech or pharma.

Technical Specification

Detection modes

UV/vis absorbance spectra

Fluorescence intensity (incl. FRET)

Luminescence (flash and glow) – incl. BRET

Fluorescence polarization

Time-resolved fluorescence



Measurement modes

Top and bottom reading

Endpoint and kinetic

Sequential multi-excitation

Sequential multi-emission

Spectral scanning (fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance)

Ratiometric measurements

Well scanning

Microplate formats

6- to 1536-well plates, user-definable

LVis Plate with 16 low volume microspots (2 μL)


Low-noise photomultiplier tube

Red-sensitive photomultiplier tube

CCD spectrometer

Wavelength selection

Dual Linear Variable Filter (LVF) Monochromators™

Linear Variable Dichroic Mirror: separates excitation and emission LVF Monochromators

Optical fi lters: excitation and emission slides hold up to 4 filters each

LVF Monochromators + optical filters: use one for excitation and the other for emission

UV/vis absorbance spectrometer: full spectra or 8 discrete wavelengths in < 1 sec/well

Spectral range

Filters FI, FP, TRF: 240 – 740 nm or 240 – 900 nm (red-shifted PMT)

LUM: 240 – 740 nm

LVF Monochromators™ FI: 320 – 740 nm or 320 – 840 nm (red-shifted PMT)

LUM: 320 – 740 nm

Linear Variable Dichroic 340 – 740 nm or 340 – 760 nm (red-shifted PMT)

Spectrometer ABS: 220 – 1000 nm

Read times

Flying mode (1 fl ash) 8 s (96), 15 s (384), 28 s (1536)

10 fl ashes 19 s (96), 57 s (384), 3 min 4 s (1536)

Linear, orbital, and double-orbital with user-definable time and speed

+3°C above ambient up to 45°C or 65°C

The upper heating plate of the incubation chamber operates at 0.5 °C more than the lower plate.

This prevents condensation build-up on the lid or sealer