Maxi Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System

ME20 series


For ME20 series

Maxi is primarily designed for resolution of high throughput of samples as in cloning or PCR experiments. Maxi allows ultra high-resolution separations over extended runs. Tray sizes correspond to standard blotter sizes. It also allows for easy sample transfer onto a membrane for further analysis.

Three tray sizes are available, 200x200mm, 200x250mm and 200x100mm. Multi-channel pipette compatible combs for up to 40 samples each facilitate speedy loading of up to 440 samples per gel. 50 sample combs (not multi-channel pipette compatible)

allow maximum sample capability of 550 samples per gel.

For ME26-16-24-32

Maxi-plus is designed for rapid screening of very large numbers of cloning or PCR samples, and it has the maximum capacity

of 672 samples per gel. This allows loading and analysis of exactly seven 96 well format microliter plates. The large gel run length of 320mm also allows resolution of samples over a long distance for separation of complex sample bands such as in restriction fragment analysis. Maxi-plus is available with a full length tray of 260x320mm or with two other tray length options of 260x160mm and 260x240mm so that user’s exact requirements can be met. In addition to options for single length gel trays, Maxi-plus is available with all three gel tray lengths recirculation ports are included as standard to allow enhanced resolution over extended runs, while loading guides enhance visibility for easy sample loading.

Midi plus / plus-1 / plus-2 Horizontal Electrophoresis System




Our Midi series have been designed for routine horizontal gel electrophoresis with wide degrees of ersatility. All of our gel tanks are made from injection molded construction for durable and leak proof environment. Varieties of special combs are available to maximize your sample size.

Midi plus includes the 70×70 and 70x100mm gel trays for a maximum of 64 samples, designed for low to medium numbers of samples.

Midi plus-1 includes 100×70 and 100x100mm gel tray to allow 100 samples per gel to be resolved. Ideal for those routinely check medium numbers of samples over short to medium gel run lengths.

The Midi plus-2 system provides three sizes of trays to maximize your sample size, 150×70, 150×100, 150x150mm.Midi plus-2 allows up to 210 samples per run per gel.

Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System


The MJ-105A horizontal electrophoresis system offers many advantages for nucleic acid separation. Agarose gels are convenient to cast and samples are easy to load with this recognizable mini horizontal cell. Its molded design prevents cracks and leakages and the sturdy PC provides a 130°C temperature capacity. The safety interlock cover is designed to prevent electrical hazards during electrophoresis. It is ideal for several applications,including Northern and Southern blotting, Cosmid library restriction analysis, STS screening, microsatellite analysis, PCR fragment analysis, ,RFLP analysis, DNA fingerprinting  and high throughput analysis.


MT-108 horizontal electrophoresis units offer many advantages for nucleic acid separation. Agarose gels are easy to cast and samples are easy to load. MT-108’s longer tray allows running of bigger fragments to attain higher resolution. Its molded design prevents cracks or leakages, and its sturdy PC provides a temperature capacity of up to 130oC. A safety interlocking cover is designed to prevent electrical hazards during electrophoresis runs. It is ideal for many applications, including Northern and Southern blotting, Cosmid library restriction analysis, STS screening, Microsatellite analysis PCR fragment analysis,RFLP analysis, DNA fingerprinting  and high-throughput analysis.