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Welcome to VIRAGENE

For more than 10 years Viragene is developing in close cooperation with its customers , Professional solution for life Science and Clinical routines, the research and developments.
As a medium sized Company located in Tehran. our Products is structed in following application branches:

1) BioTek: Imaging systems, Microplate readers, Washers, Dispensers and Automated systems

2) Winpact  scientific: Fermentation Bioreactors and Cultivation system, Shaking incubators and Chillers

3) Major science: General laboratory equipment and Molecular Research and diagnostic devices: PCR, electrophoreses system , Gel documentation system, Dry blocks and etc

4) Taylor wharton: LNG storage and transport solutions: Cryo Biological and Animal Husbundry products Industrial storage Vessels and solutions

5) Nuaire: Ergonomic laboratory  Equipment/Biological safety Cabinets/CO2  incubators High-tech centrifuges/Aseptic and containment pharmacy/Isolators

6) Ampliqon: PCR Enzymes and Bio-reagents Hot start Master Mix/Real time PCR Master Mix Taq DNA polymerase Nucleotides, dNTP Mix / dNTP set/ISO thermal Amplification/Acid and base, Agar, Dye and etc.

7) CryoKing: Complete solution provider in Bio banking, Cryogenic vials 2D Barcoded Cryogenic boxes Cryogenic Combo, Freezer Racks, Scanner and software

8) Biologix: Disposable plasticware, Centrifuge tubes PCR/PCR tube/PCR plates/PCR Strip tubes/Plastic freezer boxes/Stainless steel freezer Rack/Liquid handing /Pipettes Funnels/Tissue culture/Petri dishes loops/Needles/Latex and Nitrile gloves  Deep well plates

For our technology-minded Company  along  with innovation and efficiency, Science and Research aspects are Most essential today 10 years from when we all started Viragene is still at leading edge of the entire life science, Market and Continuous to develop innovative Core Competences in order to ensure the success of the next 50 years in a changeable environment .

We are proud to include virtually all private, industrial, academic and governmental laboratories to our customers.
We Serve our Customers and distributors, Country Wide with competed advices, Competitive products Range and excellent reliability and brilliant after sales services, our Customers and partners are regularly supported by individual trainings.

Our Mission is Clear: We Want to achieve complete Customer satisfaction through quality products and services.


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